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Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing Aid Styles

We carry a full line of value priced hearing aids to fully meet all of your lifestyle needs.

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About Our Hearing Center

Our Commitment to You

Adequate hearing is crucial to your health, communication, and happiness. We match the benefits and features of the latest technology to your activities and individual requirements.

Hearing Testing

The hearing instrument specialist can administer the necessary test to evaluate your hearing impairment. He will explain your results, address your questions and concerns, and recommend hearing aids that suit your lifestyle.

Follow-Up Care

To ensure your success and to provide you with the full benefits of your hearing aids, the hearing instrument specialist offers weekly check-ups and follow-up evaluations.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Because we want you to be satisfied and pleased with your new hearing aids, we guarantee your money back if you do not like how it feels, how it looks, or how well you hear.

Large Selection of Devices

We offer many styles, sizes, and technologies. You will be impressed with our full selection of listening devices and hearing aids. The hearing instrument specialist is sensitive to your needs and can help you pick a device that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Our Hearing Aid Specialists and Professional Staff

Jim Schendel

Jim Schendel
BC Hearing Instrument Specialist

After graduating college in 1977, Jim became a pharmaceutical rep. While he liked the medical aspect of the job, he missed not having any patient contact. Almost accidentally, Jim noticed a newspaper ad for a Hearing Aid Specialist. He applied and got the job. Soon, he found out how much he loved helping people hear better. 38 years ago, most of the fittings were done in people's homes. Jim lived in Duluth Minnesota. It wasn’t an easy task as it got down to -20 degrees at times. This was Jim’s motivation to move south. He has been in the Florence/ Myrtle Beach area for almost 32 years now, and this is what he now calls home.

Hearing aids have changed dramatically in the last 30 years. Todays hearing instruments adjust automatically to background noise and the sound quality is truly amazing. Jim finds it rewarding to have a career that changes people's lives for the better. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

Carolyn Bullington

Carolyn Bullington
SC Hearing Aid Specialist

Heather Locklair

Heather Locklair
SC Hearing Aid Specialist

Licensed by the State of South Carolina as a Hearing Instrument Dispenser, Heather Locklair has a broad scope of experience treating hearing loss and tinnitus. For 14 years, Heather has worked in the hearing industry at Ears 2 Hear in Florence, SC.

Heather has a passion for improving the quality of life that comes with hearing. Her focus is to educate her fellow neighbors about hearing loss and how hearing instruments can assist to restore that loss and live a full life!

When not in the office she loves yoga, cycling and anything outdoors. She has 2 beautiful children that make her proud.

Ashlynn Moody

Ashlynn Moody
Office Manager

Ashlynn Moody is the Patient Care Coordinator at Ears2Hear and works with patients to help the coordinate their hearing care with the many different facets of their lives.

Ashlynn understands that each patient has different needs and strives to meet these needs with the individual care that each patient deserves.

Originally from Columbia, SC Ashlynn received her Associates of Arts Degree from Midlands Technical College and has called Florence her home for the past ten years. In her free time, she enjoys cycling, crocheting, and traveling with her husband.