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When you hear but don’t understand

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation

When you suspect hearing loss, it’s crucial to have a hearing test conducted to determine if you need treatment. The professionals at Ears 2 Hear offer a number of different tests to measure the severity of your hearing loss, including the following. 

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation

Your first step to better hearing is a diagnostic hearing evaluation. A member of our professional staff will identify the extent, type and specifics of your hearing loss. This completely painless process is performed in our offices using highly specialized equipment. 

Your complete diagnostic hearing evaluation will include different tests to evaluate the details of your hearing loss, as well as your ability to detect and understand speech in a variety of environments. We can evaluate the hearing of people of all ages. 

Hearing evaluation tests

At Ears 2 Hear, we use a variety of tests to expertly assess your hearing ability. These tests may include: 

  • Speech testing
  • Bone-conduction testing
  • Air-conduction testing
  • As part of the evaluation, both ears are tested. 

Why a diagnostic hearing evaluation is important

There are many types of hearing loss. Sometimes medical or surgical intervention is required, and hearing aids aren’t appropriate. It’s important to start with a diagnostic hearing evaluation to first identify your individual hearing loss. Then, the results of your hearing evaluation will help your Hearing Aid Specialist recommend the best treatment. 

If you need hearing aids, these diagnostic test results are used to recommend the hearing aids that best suit your individual ability to hear. Your Hearing Aid Specialist will review the results of your evaluation and discuss your options. 

What happens at a diagnostic hearing evaluation appointment?

You should allow adequate time for this important appointment. The evaluation portion lasts approximately 30-40 minutes. Allow additional time to review your test results and answer any questions you might have. If you need hearing aids, we’ll discuss your options as well. 

To start the evaluation, your Ears 2 Hear Hearing Aid Specialist will want to know about your complete medical history as well as all medications and supplements you are taking. Your Hearing Aid Specialist will be interested in your exposure to noise as well. So, be sure to bring this information with you. 

We will listen carefully to your concerns or complaints about your hearing and ask about problems with tinnitus or balance. Quite often, hearing loss is a family issue. That’s why we recommend you bring a family member with you. You may be more comfortable with a supportive person to help you understand the evaluation results and recommendations and share your concerns about hearing.

The diagnostic hearing evaluation should be the start of a great relationship. Your Ears 2 Hear hearing aid specialist is your trusted partner in better hearing. We listen carefully to your concerns and answer any questions. We want you to be an active part of your hearing team and will work with you to find the best hearing solutions for you and your lifestyle.