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What are the Different Kinds of Ear Protection?

a pair of foam ear plugs

What is ear protection? The simple definition is that it’s a device that’s designed to protect your ears from noise-induced damage. They offer noise dampening to muffle the sounds that you hear, protecting your hearing health. 

A hearing health professional will recommend ear protection if you’re regularly around loud noises. You can choose between many different kinds of ear protection, but which one is right for you? To figure this out, you need to understand the choices on offer:


Earmuffs are regularly used by individuals who work in noisy environments. You’ll see construction workers wearing a pair as they use power tools, and people in loud factories wear them too. 

Earmuffs get their name from their ability to muffle the sound around you. As with all ear protection devices, they’re available with varying degrees of noise protection. 

You can also find some earmuffs with extra features that are ideal for different situations. Some are built with speakers and microphones, which can be connected to other earmuff sets. You’ll see these in workplaces as a way for employees to talk to each other while still protecting their ears. 

Disposable earplugs

Disposable, or single-use, earplugs are a cheap and effective type of ear protection. They’re usually made out of foam or wax, and you insert them into your ear canal. Here, they block out a lot of sounds and can provide you with peace and quiet. 

As the name suggests, you can only use these once. Therefore, they’re primarily used by people who only need one-off hearing protection. If you need to protect your ears a few days a week, then this option probably isn’t the best for you. 

Custom earplugs

Alongside disposable earplugs, you have custom earplugs. They work the same, but the difference is that you can use them continuously. This is because they’re made out of silicone material with a protective layer that keeps them clean and in good condition. 

Aside from their reusability, custom earplugs are also more comfortable as they’re made for your ears. Thus, they fit inside your ear canal with ease and are designed to provide all the ear protection you require. 

In-ear monitors

Lastly, you have in-ear monitors. Now, these are a rare type of ear protection as they’re mainly used by musicians. They fit in your ears like earplugs, but they provide extra functionality. As well as protecting your ears, they can connect to other music devices to allow you to hear the music you’re playing – but at a comfortable volume. 

So, there’s no danger of your ears being hurt by loud noises, but you also don’t have to worry about blocking out all the sound around you. 

If you speak to a hearing health professional, they can help recommend the best kind of ear protection for you. Talk to them about your lifestyle and why you need them, and they will point out which ones suit your needs. For more information, give Ears 2 Hear a call!

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