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Our Florence location will be temporarily closed due to concerns with COVID-19. We have staff in another location ready to answer your call. We are evaluating each location and will keep you posted on changes or closings. Keeping our staff and patients safe is our main goal. Click here to get more information about our response to COVID-19.

Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing Aid Styles

We carry a full line of value priced hearing aids to fully meet all of your lifestyle needs.

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Hearing Survey

Take our hearing health survey and start your journey to better hearing!

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When you hear but don’t understand

Hearing Care and Hearing Aid Services

Ears 2 Hear is your source for better hearing in South Carolina. We provide a full range of audiological services to help you hear speech better and enjoy the sounds around you. This includes:

Battery Sales

Stop in and shop with us. We carry all the popular sizes. Change batteries frequently for the best hearing aid performance.

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Hearing Aid Counseling

We’re here to help. If you have questions about wearing or caring for your hearing aids or have a problem, we provide the assistance you need. Family members are always welcome here. 

Hearing Tests

We identify what you can hear and where you need help. Discover your percentage of hearing loss, how well you understand speech and how wearing hearing aids can improve your ability to hear and understand speech. 

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Custom Earmolds

Your ears never stop growing. Your behind-the-ear hearing aids perform flawlessly because we custom-make earmolds to fit your ears perfectly.

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Musician's Ear Plugs and Monitors

As a musician, you’re frequently exposed to damaging sound levels. Protect against hearing loss and tinnitus with custom earplugs. 

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Hearing Aid Adjustments

Hearing changes. We adjust your hearing aids, so you never miss a thing. 

Follow-up Care

Fitting is just the start. We show you how to maintain your hearing aids, so you leave comfortable and confident. Return for adjustments, questions, repairs and even batteries when necessary. 

Hearing Aid Dispensing & Fitting

During your hearing aid fitting, we’ll deliver the hearing aids you selected, pre-programmed to your needs. You’ll try your hearing aids to check the settings and fittings and we’ll make any adjustments necessary.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Many hearing aid repairs are minor and we’ll do them in-house. If manufacturer repair is necessary, we send them out for you. 

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