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Why Do My Hearing Aid Batteries Die So Fast?

a hearing aid in a hand

It can be frustrating when you are trying to hear your children sing in the choir, only to find that your hearing aid batteries have died again and that you only put new ones in two days ago. You may find that this is more than just an inconvenience, and that you are missing out on life purely because you have no idea how much power you have left. If you want to help yourself then the only thing that you need to do is look below.


Did you know that humans are one of the very few species that are able to release moisture through their skin? You do this to cool off. On top of this, if you live in an environment that is humid or even rainy then you may find that your hearing aids get far wetter than they should.  The extra moisture can clog the air vent in your device, and this can make your hearing aid much less efficient. It can also drain the battery by interacting with the chemicals that produce the electricity. If you want to stop this from happening, then open the battery door before you store the hearing aid. You might also want to invest in a dehumidifier and avoid keeping your hearing aid in the bathroom or the kitchen.


A lot of modern and digital hearing aids will help you to hear much better when compared to the ones that came out a decade ago. Extra features can cause your battery to drain if you do not pay attention. Don’t stop using your favorite features but do know that you will need to replace your battery more often if you use them. This can include tinnitus relief, noise cancellation or even Bluetooth.


Believe it or not, if you go from a high altitude to a low altitude then this can really drain your battery. This is especially the case if your batteries are already very low. When you are flying, skiing or even going climbing, you need to make sure that you take some spares with you. When you do, you will then be able to replace them if you find that the altitude gets too much.

False alarms

Some hearing aids come with a feature that tells you when the battery is running low. These warnings tend to give you a heads up, which is great. The problem is that environmental changes, including altitude changes or even a change in humidity can cause the charge to dip and this will also set off the low battery alarm. If you want to stop this from happening, then try and take the hearing aid out and reset it so that you can get many more hours out of the one you have.

Improper handling

This is a mistake that so many people make. You need to make sure that you never remove the tab from the battery until you are ready to use it. Always take the time to wash your hands before you handle your hearing aid as well because if you don’t then you may get oil or dirt on it and this will affect the life of the battery in general. Believe it or not, it’s handling mistakes like this that will drain the life of your battery far quicker than you realize. Your hearing instrument specialist will be able to advise you on just about anything you need.

Buying online

Sure, you can get some great deals if you buy your hearing aids online, but sometimes people will sell batteries online that are very close to their expiration date. Sometimes you may find that the expiration date has already passed, and this can really affect the life of your hearing aid. Alkaline and zinc batteries have an expiry date so make sure that you look at this before you make the decision to go ahead and put them in your hearing aid. If your vendor doesn’t state, the expired date online then just gives them a simple message so that they can advise you on the life they guarantee.

If you want to learn more about getting a hearing aid or how you could benefit in general then make sure that you contact Ears 2 Hear on one of these phone numbers: Surfside Beach: 843-213-1593 and Florence 843-665-8688. When you do, we can advise you on just about anything that you might need to know about your hearing problem.